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Does my business need a website?


The internet is one of the fastest growing phenomena’s of recent times and it’s showing no sign of letting up. From the early rise of a simple link between two computers to the dot com crash of the 90’s and on to social networking it appears that with faster broadband speeds and increasing numbers of home connections the internet is not only here to stay but is becoming a viable communication channel that’s getting hard for any business to ignore.

So, does your business need a website?

Quite simply, yes.

Adoption rates for internet sites are now at the highest levels ever. More people are connecting to the internet every day, more people are searching for information every day and more people are using the internet for sourcing products and services both locally and nationally every single day. The internet is now becoming as essential as gas and electricity and even the UK government is working to get broadband access to every home in the country by 2012.

The internet is now a socially accepted standard and no longer the in the realms of computer nerds. Everyone is getting better-connected and therefore better informed. Choices are no longer made through convenience but through informed decisions. The internet is finally getting used for the purpose it was intended and that is to better communicate ideas and to share information.

Not only empowering the overall global population, the internet has also completely levelled the playing field for businesses.

You no longer need a massive budget to advertise and promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Information can be specifically targeted and you can promote yourself and your business at a time convenient to your customers.

Anyone using traditional advertising and promotional methods has usually been working blind. Adverts only last days or months and flyers and leaflets can be even shorter. Used in exactly the right context, in exactly the right place, to exactly the right people these are still very powerful communication channels but how do you get to the right people? Using the internet, if someone types into their favourite search engine ‘I want your type of business near me’ you’ve already got a priceless captive audience and you’ve also got an immense opportunity for shameless self promotion.

Getting listed on search engines is priceless to any business and is almost an entire art in itself, but it all starts with building a successful website.

You’re no longer limited to a small square space in colour or black and white. You don’t have to carefully select 10-15 words for a single line of text. You can upload as much, or as little, information as people need. Add images and video, sound and upcoming events, news or useful information; the possibilities are endless. All of this can be going on at 11am when someone’s on a coffee-break in the office or 8pm when they’re relaxing at home. Most importantly you’re giving this information to people already looking for what you have to offer.

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